Patience: Fruits of the Holy Spirit. Two Hours of Instrumental Piano. By Dan Musselman

Psaume 37.3-5

Instrumental Worship Music for prayer, work, sleep, study, and relaxation.

All music composed and recorded by Dan Musselman. Site

Patience… this isn’t something we often ask for or try to develop in ourselves.

I like to think of patience as « the ability to persevere, with high character and tact, a difficult situation with a long-term goal in mind. »

When I find it hard to be patient with someone, or in a difficult circumstance,

I try to remember how patient Jesus is with me. That is a humbling reminder.

And then He usually asks me to share that same patience and grace with someone else. 🙂

I pray that the Holy Spirit helps you develop patience today.

It is a fruit of following Jesus!


A Dieu soit toute la Gloire!

Bonne écoute!

Que Dieu vous bénisse






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